Bergen County Lifestyle

By New Jersey Realtor Shabi Najafov

About me

noa_green_photo_0396My name is Shabi. I am a realtor in New Jersey. I started this blog out of my love for Jersey and its real estate market. I can’t believe I am saying “I love New Jersey”, because it took me a looong time to embrace where I am.

I’ve been living in different places since I was 18, first I studied at Old Dominion University in Virginia, then did my Master’s in Sweden, travelled the world and 47 countries later, I married the man of my dreams and moved to the US.

I ended up in a house in the middle of a forest. In Alpine, New Jersey. 

The more I explored, the deeper I fell in love with this beautiful state. Now I wonder why people live in cities. Seriously. Jersey gives you more space, free parking, no traffic, fresh air, friendly people and so much more...

I know there are many things to learn for yourself and your children when you are moving to a new place and it can be overwhelming. You don’t even know where to start and what questions to ask. Having experienced so many different world cultures, I have been helping families to choose the right community and house in New Jersey.

There’s lots of information on the Internet, but a good real estate professional is an invaluable source of knowledge and guidance. I will be there for you in every step of the way!

Because buying a house is like falling in love – when it’s the one, every day is a celebration!

Shabi Najafov


In Mandarin:



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