Edgewater in a nutshell:

A gorgeous town by the Hudson River with spectacular views of New York skyline that offers an easy commute to the city, heaven for shopping lovers and foodies.

Whenever I crave a piece of New York and don’t feel like driving over the bridge, I go to Edgewater. My husband and I love to take a stroll at the promenade and enjoy the city views, have dinner at one of the exquisite restaurants and head to a tango class.

7 reasons to love Edgewater:

1. Has best of both worlds

Love New York, but not happy with the cost of living in the city? In Edgewater you can find a gorgeous one bedroom condo at a luxury doorman building with various amenities starting at $150.000.

2. You save money by working in NYC and living in Jersey


New York City requires all residents of any of the 5 boroughs to pay NYC local income taxes, which ranges from 2.9 to 3.9% of your income. As a resident of New Jersey, you are not subject to this tax.

In NJ, grocery items are tax exempt, while New York has a lot of exceptions on tax exempt groceries. NJ sales tax is 7%, while it’s 8.875% in New York. Some NJ commuters are also able to get tax deductions on their commute to the city.

3. Lots of activities

The 24th Annual Art and Music Festival. Photo Credit: edgewaterartsnj.org

Edgewater offers to its close to 12.000 residents  a variety of activities ranging from summer volleyball, outdoor concerts and movie screenings at the Edgewater Marina to arts and music festivals.

Edgewater Community Center offers many differentactivities for the kids, teens and adults. The gym at the Community Center is open to Edgewater and Leonia residents. There are basketball courts, a walking track, a multiple sports field and tennis courts outside of the Edgewater Community Center for the residents’ enjoyment.

4. New York City at your doorstep


Want to get to NYC in 10-15 minutes?Edgewater is the place to be! The borough has its own ferry landing that will get you to Manhattan in minutes. If you want to drive, the George Washington Bridge is 10-20 minutes away, which is why the New York commuters love this town.

5. The most delicious dining options

Le Jardin in Edgewater

As someone obsessed about different cultures and ethnic foods, Edgewater is a food paradise to me! I think of it as whatever is Williamsburg to Brooklyn, Edgewater is to New Jersey. Looking for a very ethnic Japanese supermarket and eatery? Go to Mitsuwa. Want to try Turkish breakfast? Go to Marmaris. Fancy a date night at a steakhouse? Check out The River Palm Terrace (Love their sushi options)! French food? Le Jardin! Dinner with a view? Haven! Love Cuban? Try Rebecca’s! Burger? Bareburger! I could go on for days about the variety of food options offered in this lovely town. You have to experience it for yourself!

6. Shops, shops, shops…


Many popular brand names have an Edgewater location. With its several shopping centers and plazas, if you can dream it, you can find it in Edgewater. Target, HomeGoods, Pier 1 Imports, Victoria’s Secret, Anthropologie, Bath & Body Works, Gap, Guess, Express, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’sand dozens more

7. Great real estate investment options

Photo Courtesy: The Alexander Building in Edgewater

I have helped my clients find wonderful homes or investment properties in Edgewater. Home prices have been going up for the past 8 years with an unlevered 3-4% annual yield income.

Median home price in Edgewater is $510,000. One bedroom condos at new construction buildings start at $190,000. New construction 4-story townhomes start at around $800k. Houses start at $400k. 

Rental prices in Edgewater are highly correlated to New York City, given the proximity. So, if you or anyone you know would like to live or invest in New Jersey, I’m happy to show them what’s available.



My name is Shabi (not too shabby), I’m a realtor at RE/MAX. I want my clients to have the best possible Bergen County knowledge and experience, so I created this blog. I write about different towns, fun things to do and cool events here in New Jersey.

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